Let There Be Life

“Behold, the man has become like One of Us." To be Conscious. To know Good and Evil. To be aware of Life and Death.

Out of the consciousness of man, a Conscience will emerge from It’s Source, and the Conscience of God will prevail. Isaiah 11:1

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Consciousness-Awareness. Life.

 Consciousness-Awareness. Life.: " Consciousness is Existence. To be conscious is to self exist. To be unconscious is not to self exi..."


  Consciousness is Existence.
To be conscious is to self exist. To be unconscious is not to self exist.
 Consciousness itself is existence. Everything that exist is conscious, but not self conscious. Everything that is self conscious is living, and everything that is not self conscious is dead, not alive, yet exist. They exist because, though they are unaware of their existence, they exist in the consciousness of those who are self conscious– the living. For example: a dead person is a person who was self conscious and has ceased to be self conscious. From the moment of death, the material manifestation of the self conscious, (the body)  breaks down and disperse, and eventually vanish.    However, the material that the body was made of, do not vanish, but continue to form bodies that may or may not have self consciousness. 
 Matter is the portrayal, representation or manifestation of Consciousness. The entity of Consciousness that materializes. The motor car is the manifestation of consciousness. That which did not exist, consciousness has created. Man does not have the force (magnitude) of consciousness to give self consciousness to the motor car, because man is himself a manifestation, a creation of a greater consciousness. 
 Consciousness and Matter, or Spirit and Body are like Mass and Energy, equivalent and interconvertible. They can be converted into each other. So they are the same (one) entity existing as one or the other at any given time. Time being the interval between this occurrence that continue into infinity.  The Consciousness Relativity. 
 We can incorporate Consciousness Relativity with the General theory of relativity to get a true perception of the Duality of Existence.  
 Relativity in physics is the dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects, especially regarding the nature and behavior of light, space, time, and gravity. 
 If Light is consciousness/awareness or life, Space is emptiness/nothingness. Time is the interval between conscious thought, and gravity is the intensity/magnitude of the force/power of consciousness.   
 Einstein's special theory of relativity, states that all motion (Creation) is relative, and that the velocity of light (Power of Consciousness) in a vacuum (Nothingness) has a constant value that nothing can exceed. Among its consequences are the following: the mass of a body increases, and its length (in the direction of motion) shortens as it’s speed increases. The time interval between two events occurring in a moving body appears greater to a stationary observer; and mass and energy are equivalent and interconvertible. Einstein's theory of relativity, extended the theory to accelerated motion and gravitation (increased intensity of  creativity), which was treated as a curvature (appearance and disappearance) of the space-time (spirit-body) continuum (not perceptibly different from each other, although the extremes are quite distinct). It predicted that light rays (character of consciousness) would be deflected and shifted in wavelength (in thought pattern) when passing through a substantial gravitational field (when confronted by a significantly intense consciousness), effects that have been experimentally confirmed (effects that are clearly evident in the world).
 The universe is the manifestation of the one (uni) consciousness. Some would call this consciousness God. The universe is God, and we can all see only parts of God, like an ant crawling on your body can only see and feel one tiny part of you. and that is just the periphery. We are part of God, and exist in God, like a small bug inside of you living symbiotically (in a mutually beneficial relationship). If however the bug is harmful to you, you would try to get rid of it. What lies outside of God is what is beyond the universe, and only God knows what that is. Since the universe seems be an infinite entity, it seems that nothing exists beyond it. So it is written: 
"I am the LORD, and there is no other; Besides Me there is no God. I will gird you, though you have not known Me;” Isaiah.45:51 
 Physically we are inside God. Encircled by God. But spiritually God is inside us. We can’t see or perceive the spirit of God with our limited physical perception, so we bow down and worship the physically visible aspects of God. We therefore worship the body of God, and not His character. We actually worship in fear of the vastness and the might of natural phenomena. The sun, the moon, and anything and anyone with physical power over us. Hence we respect power that we cannot over power. ‘Power’ that gives authority over the powerless. And since we have inherited a quantum of this power, and is of this power, we are never satisfied with the power we have, because it is only a fragment of that power. Our dream is to acquire power. All of us are busy working hard to gain power over others. We use all our God given talents to acquire God’s power; and yet hardly any of achieve a fraction of His power. And God did make man in His image to be like Him. 
So why don’t most of us become like God?
 God is not physical, but a consciousness materializing. The power of God is His awareness, which manifests physically. How God is aware of whatever, is whatever. God is aware of man to be as He is. And what He is aware of will materialize physically and spiritually. God is in us. He is the Source of our awareness, giving us our self awareness to become self aware of Him, and grow in consciousness with Him to become an awareness like Him. But unless we seek, knock, and ask; we shall not find, enter and be given. Unless we respect the character of God we cannot communicate with God. We cannot become conscious of God, to know with God. God’s consciousness is in every  elementary particle. That is why they exist. Our Subconscious or the Unconscious is an elementary awareness of God. So we treat it as if it is simple and childish. Only the innocence of a child is godlike. We reduce God to the position of a child, and raise ourselves to the position of God. Instead of being childlike, we become childish. When we have traveled far from God, the moral relativity between God and us become distant, and we lose power, and like the body degenerate and regenerate into new bodies. Our self awareness fade away, and the Source of our self awareness become unconscious of us; and we disappear from the memory of God. We lose the Love of God, because we abandoned it to love only ourself. 
 If on the other hand we remain relative to God in awareness of the love of God, and grow with the love of God; our consciousness would propagate and transform into the consciousness and spirit of God, and exist like God. We would have become God, not only like God.
 “Behold, the man has become like one of Us.” 
But not yet one of Us.
Self conscious like Us, to be as We are, but not yet as We are. 
 Life is consciousness. The reality of knowing by the mind of itself and the world. So knowing is life.  
What is the mind, and what is the brain?
 The mind is the invisible and nonmaterial brain. The brain is a bundle of physical nerves that can think for itself, and think for itself even without it’s knowledge. The brain coordinates, controls, or regulates most body functions  unconsciously, and  some of it consciously. It is the centre of physical, emotional, and intellectual perception. It is the person. 
 The mind is then the spirit of the person. It is the source and the centre of consciousness. The mind coordinates and controls most physical, and all intellectual and emotional perception, unconsciously and consciously in a conscious person. The mind is the boss of the brain. Mind over matter!
 It is obvious, that we as possessors of consciousness, is conscious of the existence of consciousness that we are unconscious of. We are aware that our breathing is controlled for the most part, by our unconscious. When we sleep we keep ourself alive unconsciously. Even if we meditate all our life, we will never get in touch with, or become aware of that consciousness. Unless we ask. Half our life we are unconscious. We are not completely conscious of ourself. However our unconscious is conscious of all our consciousness. Our unconscious is the Big Brother. We are not alone. We are never alone. This unconscious is God in us. Although psychiatrists and psychologists today like  to call it our unconscious, we prefer to call it the subconscious. Throughout the book we use the words Unconscious and Subconscious for the part of our mind that our conscious self cannot access, but controls or affect our behavior and emotions.   
 Although the Unconscious is conscious of us even when we are unconscious, it behaves subordinately and is subservient. It keeps our body alive with biological functions we would never know how to regulate; and manage during our slumber. Unconscious might suggest that it is unattached, lacking in knowledge, or absent in quality or state. We are never free of God. We cannot hide from God; and God is not hiding from us. However, most of us think that God can’t see us. Our consciousness is like the foetus, and the subconscious the mother, and the physical world, the womb.  
  Can anyone of us hide from mother, or the world?
 When we were conceived in the womb, was when God came to know with us. The beginning of our life. When we were born into the world, was the beginning of our coming to know with the world. Knowing with the world, is our independence (freedom) from knowing with God. As long as God is conscious of us, or is knowing with us, we will have consciousness, and will remain alive. We have a time on earth, in a physical body to choose to know with God or not. God’s will is that we all come to know with Him/Her, and have eternal consciousness; for God is the only Consciousness, the only life. The Eternal Consciousness, or the Great Spirit. “There is none besides Me.” Is. 45: 5
 To have eternal life is to know with, or be conscious of the source of our consciousness. We are given, to us. That is: given freedom to have our own life for a time on earth; or to give up our own life, to have God’s life for eternity in the spirit. This is why  Jesus said, “unless you hate your mother and father, brother and sister, and your own life also, you cannot be my disciple (companion). Luke 14:25  “He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My(God’s) sake will find it.” Matt.10:39 
 To return to God, we have to come to know with God. And, God is with us every moment of our life. We are free to know with God, or not to know with God. But, if we are to know with God, we cannot know with the world. We can know of the world, while we know with, or of God. We can know of good and evil, but we can’t be good and evil. We can’t know with both. We can only be with one or the other. At the highest level of consciousness, there is no good or evil. There is only Consciousness, and unconsciousness. Living and nonliving. Life and death. Good and bad.
 One cannot enter into Eternal Consciousness by good or bad works. Eternal Consciousness is the Consciousness of God. Unless one is willing to be consciousness of God, and asks humbly of God to reveal Himself to one, one can never enter such limitless consciousness. All of us at some point in our life on earth seek God. Jesus aptly described in the Parable of the Sower in Matt.13.18, what happens to us all when we seek for God,  “When anyone hears the word of the kingdom (message of the Subconscious) and does not understand it, the wicked one (pride) comes and snatches away what was sown in his heart. This is he who received seed  by the wayside.”
 “But he who received the seed on stony places, this is he who hears the word and immediately receives it with joy; yet he has no root in himself, but endures only for a while. For when tribulation or persecution arises because of the word, immediately stumbles.” 
 “Now he who received seed among the thorns is he who hears the word, and the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches choke the word, and he becomes unfruitful.” 
 “But he who received seed on the good ground is he who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and produces: some hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.” 
 The Subconscious is not of this world (Materialistic and egoistic). 
“My kingdom is not of this world.” Jesus Christ.
“Through the Subconscious is the way, the truth, and the life.”
 “I am the way, the truth and the life.”  Jesus Christ.   
  No  one comes  to  eternal  consciousness  accept through the consciousness of God.
“No one comes to the Father accept through Me.” Jesus Christ.
 Life is Christ-Consciousness.
 While most people are busy being conscious of the world, and wanting awareness from the world to feel alive, they are unaware of their own consciousness, or the source of their awareness; until the source becomes unconscious of them; and they become nonexistent, and disappear like the body. 
 Those who remain in touch with the source of their consciousness continue to grow in greater awareness when the body perishes. Their spirit clings to the spirit of the eternal consciousness, for they have connected themselves fully with the spirit of the eternal consciousness. This is what Buddha achieved five hundred years before God manifested Himself in the body of Jesus, and said;
 “For what profit is it to man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?” Matt.16.26  

From the book What is Man © 2011 Rohan and Mohan Perera (World of Ro and Mo)  


 Life is not matter or molecules. It is Love. The quantum mechanics of Consciousness. The character of the Great Consciousness. 
 Love has energy, and that is the universe. It is boundless, and  expanding. To understand the love, one has to understand the character of love. Perhaps we might understand, or even find a clue to understanding the character of love, if we understood the energy of love. Because everything, including our body is made of Light: the one energy. Scientists can only observe 4% of this energy, and cannot understand everything about this 4%. So how are we to understand ourself, never mind about anything else? 
 We (the conscious) are Light (electromagnetic radiation), a force or power that generate energy, invisible to to physical eye. Our body (matter) is made of this energy, and so it is of the same (Light), but in a different form. The basic unit of electromagnetic radiation is called a Photon. Albert Einstein came up with the idea of the Photon to     quantize light (quantum physics), and the quanta of Light is the Photon. In physics the Photon is the basic unit of Light, and carries the force of the electromagnetic force, and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation. The Photon has no rest mass, and therefore can perform (fundamental interactions) at long distances. Quantum physics describes Photons as having wave-particle duality and behave like waves and particles. In particle physics (fundamental interactions) are interactions between rudimentary particles, and an interaction is fundamental when it cannot be explained in terms of other interactions. The four known such interactions are of the non-contact forces, electromagnetism, strong and weak nuclear forces, and gravitation. 
 If we cannot observe more than 4% of what everything is, and cannot understand very much of this 4%, how are we to find the Source of the universe and us? If we were to find the Source of all things visible and invisible, we will know all things, and understand the purpose of all, and us. 
 This unseen, unquantifiable existence, the universe, is the force or the power of spirit-matter duality, of One Consciousness (uni-consciousness) radiating one energy of (wave-particle duality). Hence we exist in a universe. Not in multi-verse, but in the consciousness of one entity (One God). Consciousness itself has no physical properties, no mass, and no rest energy. So we call it Spirit. It is the fundamental Awareness of Love, carrying the force or power of Love, and perform unexplainable interactions between principal Awarenesses (individual conscious beings) into infinity. This is the rudimentary of Life or Light. It is the  thought of love. And, the thought is that we too become love, and radiate it’s energy. 
 The character of Jesus is the character of love, and His energy is the energy of love. Though millions profess to be Christians, not many of them seem to understand His character or radiate His energy. They don’t even know, for what purpose He came. They read His words and solemnly pray to Him. They get married, and baptize their children in His name. Yet they don’t have a clue what He is about. His last words on the cross reveal what He thought of mankind when he prayed to the Father, the Source of Life or His energy:        
 “Father forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” Luke.23:34
 Why is it so difficult for man to understand his own purpose? 
 Why is it so difficult for Christians to understand Jesus?
Jesus said,
 “I am the Light of the world. He who follows Me will not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” John.8:12
“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes
to the Father (Life) except through (being like) Me.” 
“If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; and from now on you know Him and have seen Him.”  John.14.6:7
 So, if we know Jesus, we will know God and know the truth about God; and find the way to live. No one comes to life, unless one lives like the Son, because to be like the Son is life lived.
 When a rich young ruler asked Jesus, what he can do, so that he may inherit eternal life; because he had kept all the commandments. Jesus said to him that he  lacked one thing, and suggested;   
 “Sell all you have and give to the poor and come take up the cross and follow Me.” 
 Many Christians unconsciously seem to sell out on the cross; and take from the poor, and follow the devil (self willed). Life is not all about giving to the poor or carrying a wooden cross on your back, and it is also not about exploiting earth’s natural resources and grabbing from the weak to give motivation to the purposeless ego (self glorification). Alone and lonely the ego has nothing to live for, except to be above all. To get attention. To be king. When there are millions of us, it is a daunting task to be above all. It is yearning for the impossible. Until the ego satisfies this yearning, it cannot begin to live. It’s life is competing, and so the world is struggling. We are born into a contest, and the world abounds with  rivalry, contention and enmity. To satisfy the ego’s desire, a pure physical life has unfolded. A physical life is a material life. Material is matter, which is the energy of love. The ego without growing in love, therefore unconscious of the subconscious, or not knowing with love; do not know how to act with love. It seeks and uses love’s energy, to have life, a physical life, and have it more abundantly. The competing ego creates pollution and war, and it is destroying the physical world it pretends to love so much. While it seeks for oil for energy to drive it’s physical life, it buries the life giving energy of love deeper than the depths it digs for oil.
 Just for argument sake: matter is like cooled energy, to energize it we need more hot energy. Oil is burned to release energy to give us life in the physical. Physical comforts make physical life feel heavenly. Yet most of the world live in poverty, without much physical comforts. So, it is not comforts the ego desires. It is to safeguard it’s big fat pride. We will destroy everything to hold on to our pride. 
 By pride comes nothing but strife. Prov.13.10
 The poor in the world have nothing to be proud of,
yet they keep bringing more life into the world. Having twenty children gives them some pride. The rich might feel for the innocent children, and feed them. 
 The rich, they spend millions on medical research to save life, while millions are going hungry. 
 Without love the world is ridiculous. 
 Nevertheless, the ego hates to love. To give. 
 How can it give of itself? 
It has nothing of itself. Itself is of the Great Consciousness, and it is determined to ‘make it’ on it’s own. It does not need charity, nor does it need anyone to give it a lending hand. It does not believe in being grateful. For to be grateful means to bow down to someone or something other than itself. That is sacrileges to the ego. Omnipotent it was born, and unconquerable it shall be. Yet, to conquer death, the omnipotent ego is impotent.
 Life in the physical body is a time to become conscious of the subconscious. Our own conscious self (ego) to get to know with the consciousness that imparts instinct. The universe and all it’s natural laws, without which there would be no order, is governed by consciousness (instinct).    
 What we call living are conscious, and some more than others. They have been given (self consciousness) and are not entirely controlled by instinct. They have been given some freedom from instinct to express individuality. Man has been given enough freedom from instinct to become conscious of the consciousness that gave birth to his consciousness; and become like that consciousness. Man has been given a purpose. A purpose to live. Without purpose a consciousness cannot exist. There is only one purpose a consciousness can have to exist. That is: to share consciousness; to participate, and contribute to awareness. But the competitive ego rob awareness from others to gain advantage to be king. When eventually it is caught and has no one to suck from, it withers away like the body. The body has a shelf life, and the ego that is superglued to the body also expires with the body. Because, all awareness comes from the Great Awareness, no one is ever wiser than another, unless made by the Great Awareness. We are all given specific awareness from the Great Awareness, and how we use that awareness is how great or small we become in awareness. The ego seeks awareness of the physical world, and has become wise in it’s own eyes. If the ego seek for the spiritual awareness that is infinite, it will become infinitely aware. Awareness is life. 
“If any 0f you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God”  James.1:5
 The Great Consciousness is within us, waiting to share it’s awareness. That consciousness is the subconscious, or the Unconscious in us. It has thought of another like it, and that thought has manifested. 
 “Behold, the man has become like One of Us. To know good and evil (Life and Death). (To be Aware and Unaware). And now lest he put his hand and take also of the tree of Life, and eat, and live for ever”⎯ (lest we stay unaware and suck awareness to live)⎯  Gen.3:22
 The infinite intensity (the power) of God’s  thought cannot exist in pure Light as He is, because what He has thought of do not have His Awareness. The ‘thought of’ does’t have equal force of the spirit-matter (wave-particle) duality. It’s own spirit is empty or lacking of the spirit of the Great Consciousness. Therefore it is just a ‘matter’ of His thought (material manifestation). A rock is empty of the spirit of God, and a man is lacking of the spirit of God. God is able to make stones into bread, and men into God. Man was made in the image (likeness) of God, so He can pour His spirit into whomever who seeks His Spirit. Thus “the dead are raised.” Matt.11:5  
 If men absorb His Spirit, and attain His Awareness, men will acquire equal force of spirit-matter, and become God-Man, like Jesus. Form an image or likeness of God (Life) to God Himself (Life it’s self). 
 Our consciousness is born from the Unconscious within (God within). It knows us, and wants us to know with it, but only if we want to know with it of our own will. That is the pure ‘free willed’ character of the Great Consciousness. We are only conscious because our Unconscious is conscious of us. This is why we feel eternal, without a beginning or end, yet knowing that our material body is transient, we are confused and desperate. In our desperation we create our vain (self willed) life.
 When we were born, we were conscious,(to know with). We were aware, yet we were not aware of ourself, nor of anything or anyone on earth. We could only have been aware of the one who was aware of us, that was to (know with) our subconscious. But only aware of it’s awareness of us, and not aware of it’s awareness. Our self consciousness from emptiness, gradually became aware, and within months were quite self conscious. We came to know with ourself. As we began to know with ourself, our awareness of the subconscious faded. Because, the subconscious remained inconspicuous, and the material world was so dazzling; we were overwhelmed with much to be aware of in the world. We have ignored the subconscious, because there was nothing glittering  about it, as we weren’t aware of any of it’s infinite awareness, to stimulate and inspire us to become aware of it consciously. When we were born we didn’t know with ourself, because we hadn’t existed before, and had nothing of ourself to know with ourself. The subconscious remains in our consciousness without intruding on our independence. We are free to choose to know with the subconscious.
 The body evolves from a single cell into the fully grown human form. Likewise our awareness of the physical world evolves from zero knowledge to the maximum each individual desires to become aware of. Since life is awareness, Living is interacting with the ones who are aware of the physical. Sharing and stealing awareness, competing to be the best, for the sole purpose of exalting the self. The pride of life. The pride, and the life comes to an end when the physical body transforms into other energies. The ego, without becoming aware of it’s celestial inception, lives and dies like the terrestrial.
 If the ego were to cling to the subconscious (it’s real self), it will become aware of the physical and of the spiritual realms. It will interact with the physically aware and the spiritually aware. Most in the world are physically aware, and they will have no shortage of physically aware egos to interact with; but to interact with the spiritually aware, the subconscious alone will be more than enough. 
 Before Buddha became spiritually enlightened, He became physically enlightened. He was only able to achieve both, because He interacted with the physically aware and the spiritually aware. Unless you are aware of both, how will you know the difference? 
 Which awareness (physical or spiritual) is boundless, that you can go on interacting forever? The physical is a manifestation of God’s thoughts, and as His thoughts alter and differ, refine and redesign, edit and delete: beginning, alteration, and termination occur. This is evolution and extinction of the material manifestations of God’s creative imagination. But His thought of Himself as an Awareness or Consciousness extending, multiplying and filling the realm of Consciousness will never terminate. 
“Out of the stump of Jesse, a branch will grow from  his roots and the Spirit of God shall rest upon Him.” Isaiah.11:1 
 (Out of the consciousness of man, a Conscience will emerge from It’s Source, and the Conscience of God will prevail).   
 When the ego (self willed limited awareness) runs out of everything of it’s own to be aware of (to relate, to communicate, to share, to live), it becomes bored and begins to expire, and frantically    seek another to relate with. Someone, not something who excites you and respires you. This is what is commonly known as falling in love.  Exciting because you are becoming aware of another awareness, and even more exciting and romantic if the need and want is mutual. This is when two fall in love with each other.
 Falling in love is not loving each other, it is the phenomenon of two alone and lonely awarenesses, each believing that the other will give more power to the ego, by taking awareness of the other; and become more aware than it was alone. It gives the ego a boost of energy, and the ego falls into the other’s awareness, and shares some of it’s awareness that it would not normally share with any other. Falling in love is falling into each other’s need, to boost each ego at the other’s expense. Each feels the other is suppling the energy of awareness cheaply or free, and only when one has had enough being drained of energy that the romance ends. Romantic because it is ideal, not real. This is is the meaning of life, and living to the physically aware ego (self willed). Interacting with other self willed awarenesses to give the ego the feeling of omnipotence and pride. 
 If you want to be a baby forever, who is going to baby you forever? As the saying, ‘teach me to fish, and I’ll eat for a lifetime’, if we seek within ourself, we will find the means to our infinity. 
 Gradually the British government closed Fairfield hospital, and moved all the patients into smaller units. From the intense care of a NHS hospital. It was costing over thirty thousand pounds per year, per patient; and none of the carers were paid half as much. As we want to live a physical life as long as we can, someone will have to take care of us. Who will take care of anyone forever? If we want to be babies forever, we need someone to baby us forever. So we save money if we are rich, or have many children if we are poor. The rich countries have a growing older population, and it is a growing burden on the younger population. The poor countries have a growing poor population, and it is a growing burden on the rich countries to feed them. Unless we grow up and look after ourself, we cannot live forever independently. If we are grown up, we would be glad to leave this kindergarten world, and move onto higher awareness. A life without a body. A spirit without a wall.